Welcome to my blog!

This is a place where I will talk about life, food, travel and failed attempts at various kitchen concoctions as well as a few Successes.

first on the agenda is what I like to call a cocktail success! This drink is a win and quite the popular go to these days. I would like to say I discovered this drink before it became a “thing”, I’m not so sure anyone would believe me though. Back in 2017 I was on a trip to Germany when I discovered the Aperol Spritzer . To set the scene picture a quaint Germany village on a sunny spring day filled with locals milling about the streets, pan to the right and you will see a restaurant with abundant outdoor seating and lush plants all around. Being served on the table are various different cheeses a loaf of hard to pull apart bread ( which is always the best kind in my opinion) and various fresh fruits. To top it all off is the main event and my first encounter with this fresh orange delight the spritzer. fast forward to today 2019 and this drink is far more common here in the U.S. Whats in it you may ask, well its all very simple, which is fantastic because I am prone to messing even a two ingredient recipe up!

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 splash soda, If you really want to mix things up try using an orange soda instead of a plain carbonated one.
Serve with ice in wine glass or rocks glass
Garnish with an orange slice

Simple as that. Perfect summer drink recipe!