Extinguishing Your Flame!

We talked last about one great success, but let’s now talk about one fiery failure!

My roommate is my one and only, my hip hip hurray, my beautiful she siren and my boldest confidant…..basically she would help me bury the body then get coffee after!

She is many things, but on this particular day, she was not the top chef.

That night we had planned an Irish themed dinner with our other bad bitch & star quality friend. We were celebrating booking our flights to Ireland for the fall. My roommate was in the kitchen cooking some potato pancakes in oil, and that was the last time I saw her…… -just kidding!! As she was cooking, I left to take our trash out to the dumpster. I was gone for maybe one minute at the most. As I’m walking back, I hear the fire alarm go off, but this is not an uncommon event. It’s always been a bit of an annoyance, as the smoke detector always goes off when we are boiling water, making toast or even just breathing close by. Nothing to be worried about, right?Wrong!!! As I start walking closer, I see smoke billowing out of our windows on the first and second floor then I hear the shrill screams of my friend. I start to run faster towards our front door. I get inside, and I see my boyfriend, who was seconds ago playing video games upstairs, now standing next to my friend, extinguisher in hand!

We all thank God for his quick thinking and hero like actions. All was well, just a little blackened and toasty. A major clean up indeed.

You may ask what happened. Well, what I have learned from this kitchen conundrum is to always make sure that when you are cooking with oil, that you cook on a squeaky-clean skillet. If you don’t and there is any built on scum, this can heat up much quicker and start a kitchen fire.

In conclusion, stay safe, cook clean and stay cool 😉