Cake Bake !

I worked with my friend to recreate a famous cake from a bakery called Milk Bar and here is what happened!

The cake was going to be a surprise for my friends fathers birthday 🎉 All from scratch homemade cake, the perfect gift! We had a challenge on our hands both being inexperienced bakers. This cake was a three-part recipe and totally daunting!

First the crumble. For this bit, we used a lot of sugar and sprinkles along with some oil to keep everything clumping together, which was what we wanted.

This, by the way, tasted so good we absolutely could not keep our hands out of this bowl!

Next step was the cake itself. Made out of what seemed to be entirely butter we slaved away on the mixture until the consistency was perfect then it was time to bake!

After the batter had baked we were in for some stress! We had the cake lying on the counter cooling when we hear an alarm go off indicating someone had pulled into the drive! Could it be….no, but maybe. We scrambled around like chickens with our heads freshly chopped desperately trying to hide any signs of our baking excursion! We were afraid my friend’s dad had returned home. Cake pans, dishes, and ingredients were flying through the kitchen. Then nothing happened, no one walked inside and all was silent. We peak our head outside only to find no one was there. We had panicked for nothing. So we put all of our ingredients and dishes back and continued baking. A false alarm indeed!

The next thing we needed to do was cut circles out of our cake to fit in the cylinder. This wasnt too hard just alot of measuring and cutting to get everything to fit. We used the cylinder to make our circular cuts.

While the cake was baking we had mixed up our icing. Mostly butter. We mixed it all up and gave it a taste …it tasted absolutely horrid! We forgot to add sugar! After we fixed this issue it was totally delightful!

Next we layered the cake. One piece of cake the icing then crumbles, we repeated this step several times then iced the top and put the cake in the fridge overnight. low and behold this was the final result!

The cake took about 3 hour to make and its so yummy and sweet my teeth are completely rotted out now! If you want to try this. There is an offical Milk Bar video on YouTube showing you how as well as the recipie! 100% worth the effort!

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